Balanced ventilation - for the sport


Flexible, economical and easy to install

TX3100A is a decentralized ventilation system with heat recovery, covers the need for ventilation in larger rooms – possibly combined with several units.

Decentralized ventilation is a ventilation principle, where you place one unit in each room you want ventilated, without long pipe systems. Turbovex has been a leader in development of this ventilation principle since late eighties - in other words; they know what they are talking about. The TX3100A is mounted in the roof and requires only a 230 V power. The TX3100A is quick and easy to install. 

CASE: 2 pcs. TX 3100A Mounted at Skanderborg Moo Sa Taekwondo Club.

Technician Carl Peter Nielsen, Oegaard A / S, Denmark, has installed 2 pcs. TX 3100A in a sports center,

Carl Peter Nielsen states:

 • Plug and play.

• Super materials.

 • Everything is included in the delivery.



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