Case from dealer in Czech Republic, Steffen Brauner


Fresh indoor climate in school

It is in the small village of Janov. They have a small primary school with two classes with approx. 20-25 children in each classroom.

The school is insulated and with new plastic windows, resulting in a very airtight construction and thus a high CO2 level and poor indoor climate in general. Opening and closing the windows was not a viable solution, it resulted in a very fluctuating indoor temperature throughout the day.

In February 2017, decentralized ventilation from Turbovex was installed in one of the two classrooms as part of a pilot project. CO2 and temperature  level was measured both before and after installation, and the result was unequivocally very positive. The CO2 level fell significantly and the temperature fluctuations were largely eliminated.

After the end of the test period, another decentralized ventilation unit from Turbovex was installed in the second classroom in September 2017.


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