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Welcome to Turbovex

Turbovex has more than 40 years experience in the development and sale of decentral ventilation plants.

Decentral ventilation eliminates the need for piping systems in the entire building. With decentral ventilation plants from Turbovex, you are able to project and carry out ventilation in accordance with your needs - even if you are well aware that you might need to extend the capacity at a later point in time.

Today, we carry a complete product programme with flexible and economic ventilation solutions that cover private homes, schools, institutions and the industry.



Our goal

Turbovex's goal is to be a supplier of decentral ventilation in a controlled growth.
We carry out researches and develop new ventilation systems for homes, comfort and the industry based on new thinking in terms of ventilation plants.



We are ready to help you

EasyAir.....20-100 m³/h

Balanced ventilation with heat recovery in a simple way. EasyAir is a decentralized ventilation system that creates a good indoor climate in smaller rooms.

  • simple assembly
  • low sound level 20-35 dB(A)
  • balanced ventilation
  • rotary heat exchanger

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