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Welcome to Turbovex

Turbovex has more than 40 years experience in the development and sale of decentral ventilation plants. Decentral ventilation eliminates the need for piping systems in the entire building. With decentral ventilation plants from Turbovex, you are able to project and carry out ventilation in accordance with your needs - even if you are well aware that you might need to extend the capacity at a later point in time. Today, we carry a complete product programme with flexible and economic ventilation solutions that cover private homes, schools, institutions and the industry.

One of our key issues is that we take pride in following the current requirements for air change, which among other things is described in BR20. You are therefore very welcome to contact us for a talk about which requirements the ventilation in your new building project must observe.

Decentral is a ventilator in each of the rooms that require ventilation.In this way, the need for piping systems is eliminated - and you will have an aesthetic, attractive and direct extraction exactly where and when you need it.
A ventilator per room gives you the freedom to project as needed. This means that you have the opportunity to extend the ventilation in an easy and painless manner in line with a potential extension of the building.

With so many years in the ventilation business, we dare say that our very latest solutions have set new standards among plumbers and electricians, architects and consulting engineers, which not least is due to the energy-efficient and at the same time low-noise products of a high quality.

Turbovex's plants are almost exclusively made of aluminium. This gives a weight saving of up to 50% compared to similar ventilation plants and by that more freedom in terms of the location and requirements for load capacity.

Extend, combine, save
With a Turbovex ventilation, you are free to combine and extend as you please. An existing central ventilation plant can easily be supplemented with a single plant. In this way, you need not upgrade a central ventilation unit, which may prove to be undersized.

Turbovex A/S

Why ventilation?

We spend many hours indoors every day - in our private homes, at the job, in school or during our leisure time. The indoor climate is therefore important to our general well-being - and to our life quality.

Stuffy and bad air, house dust mites, moisture, too much cold or heat give us asthma, allergy, headache, tired eyes and make us seedy and not in form.

Solutions such as airconditioning plants or open windows and doors are not optimal. Draught and cold and a diverse distribution of the fresh air - just to mention a few of the disadvantages.

Our goal

Turbovex's goal is to be a supplier of decentral ventilation in a controlled growth and with a focus on extending the co-operation with a number of dedicated and professional agents in Europe and Scandinavia.

We carry out researches and develop new ventilation systems for homes, comfort and the industry based on new thinking in terms of ventilation plants.


Turbovex was established in 1989. The business concept back then was that the Turbovent group, which was established in 1971 and primarily engaged in ventilation for farm works and the industry, needed another leg to lean on, i.e. single room ventilation for comfort and industry.

This has developed into a comprehensive programme consisting of systems in various sizes that basically suit every need.

Our plan

We wish to stand out from the systems that are based on central ventilation, which have dominated the market in many years, and we wish to make ventilation plants an everyday commodity, so that the installation and maintenance is easy and manageable.

We wish to increase the consumer's focus on the financially attractive aspects of installing ventilation plants everywhere, where there are people.