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We need to be well - so a healthy indoor climate is good for everyone.

ComfortAir 550 ensures balanced ventilation with high heat recovery.

It is a ventilation system that is suitable for medium-sized spaces, with both low and high occupancy.

• Easy installation
• Low noise level
• Balanced ventilation
• For medium-sized spaces

• High heat recovery
• 2 pcs. automatic shut-off dampers
• 1 pc. modulating bypass damper

Think about the indoor climate and do something about the environment...
buy  low-energy ventilation.

Technical data

Maximal capacity 175-760 m³/h
Power consumption 37-83 Watt
Max power consumption 179W/1,34A
Temperature efficiency 83-86%
Dimension LxDxH 1750x929x418mm
Weight 85 kg
Duct 2 X Ø200 mm
Supply filter ePM10 50% eller ePM1 55%
Exhaust filter ePM10 50%
Supply cable 3G 1mm2
Recommended fuse 10 A
Recommended residual current device Type A