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EasyAir.....20-100 m³/h

We must feel well  a good indoor climate is good for everyone.

EasyAir creates balanced ventilation with heat recovery in a simple way. It is a decentralized ventilation system, which can create a good indoor climate in individual rooms. Simple installation as the entire installation is made from the inside.

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• simple assembly
• low noise level 20-35 dB(A)
• Balanced ventilation

• Roating heat exchanger
• Installation from the inside
• 2 pcs. automatic damper

Think about the indoor climate and do something about the environment...
buy  low-energy ventilation.

Technical data

Air volume 20-100 m³/h
Power consumption 17-27 Watt
Standby 1,2 Watt
Noise level 20-35 dB(A)
Heat recovery 81-74 %
Dimensions, innerl (WxHxD) 345x350x190 mm
Dimensions, outer Ø160x215 mm
Weight 10 kg.
Channel lead-in Ø 180 mm
Filter type Mono filteret mesh, polyamide

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