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TX 1000A

We need to feel good - so a healthy indoor climate is good for everyone.

Our indoor climate means a lot to our general well-being, health and performance. Employees are more productive and have less absence due to illness. Students and teachers have more energy and the concentration is increased.

TX 1000A is currently the biggest of our decentralised ventilation and accommodates even the very large demands on air change and air flow.

• Several control options
• heat recovery up to 88%
• balanced ventilation

• better indoor climate
• in a simple way
• for larger premises

Save money by caring for a healthy indoor climate.

Technical data

Dimensions L x D x H 2100x1050x665mm
Capacity 30 dB(A) 700 m³/h
Temperatur efficiency 88,0 % v/700m³/h
Capacity 35 dB(A) 1000 m³/h
Temperatur efficiency 80,6 % v/1000m³/h
Filter (standard) ePM10≥50%
Filter (option) ePM1≥55%
Weight 122 kg
Electric power connection 1 ~ 230 V/50Hz
Max. power consumption 2,5 A
Leakage Current ≤7 mA
Power cable 3g1,5 mm²
Throw (0,3 m/s) 15 m
Electric reheater (option) 150 W - 540 J/m³
Electric reheater (option) 1250 W
Water reheater (option) 1340 W
Duct connection 2 x Ø 315
Heat exchanger Counter flow (Al)
Color (standard) RAL 9010
Condensate drain Ø16 x Ø20 mm
Condensate drain with pump Ø6 x Ø8 mm