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TX 750A

We need to feel good - so a healthy indoor climate is good for everyone.

TX 750A covers the need for a better indoor climate in large rooms, where many people are gathered, e.g. in kindergartens, class rooms, cinemas, fitness centres.

• better indoor climate
• in a simple way
• easy installation

• no long piping
• nice look outside
• only facade gratings

Our indoor climate means a lot to our general well-being, health and performance.
We have become more interested in having a good indoor climate.

Technical data

Dimensions L x D x H 1800x895x565mm
Capacity 30 dB(A) 600 m³/h
Temperatur efficiency 82,0 % v/ 600m³/h
Capacity 35 dB(A) 750 m³/h
Temperatur efficiency 78,0 % v/ 750m³/h
Filter (standard) ePM10≥50%
Filter (option) ePM1≥55%
Weight 99 kg
Electric power connection 1 ~ 230 V/50Hz
Max. power consumption 2,2 A
Leakage Current ≤7 mA
Power cable 3g1,5 mm²
Throw (0,3 m/s) 12 m
Energy consumption at 750m³/h 78 W - 375 J/m³
Electric reheater (option) 1000 W
Water reheater (option) 1260 W
Duct connection 2 x Ø 315
Heat exchanger Counter flow (Al)
Color (standard) RAL 9010
Condensate drain Ø16 x Ø20 mm
Condensate drain with pump Ø6 x Ø8 mm