TX 250A.....100-480 m³/h

It is simply too expensive to have a bad indoor climate. Productivity falls. The learning ability and concentration are significantly reduced.

With decentralised ventilation, the need for sufficient ventilation is covered in most types of rooms, while it is still possible to maintain most of the heat.

TX 250A has a heat recovery of more than 80%.


• better indoor climate
• good for fitness facilities
• perfect for a 50 m² office
• low energy consumption
• heat recovery from 80%
• easy assembly


CULTURE HOUSE In Denmark installed TX 250A 

CENTER Children´s Center got decentralised ventilation. It was a very easy installation.



Dimensions L x D x H:

1200x595x403 mm

Capacity 30 db(A):

200 m³/h

Temperatur efficiency:

84,2 % at 200m³/h

Capacity 35 db(A):

250 m³/h

Temperatur efficiency:

80,6 % at 250m³/h

Filter (standard):


Filter (option):



35 kg

Electric power connection:

1 ~ 230 V / 50Hz

Max. power consumption:

1,2 A

Leakage Current:

≤7 mA

Power cable:

3g1,5 mm²

Throw (0,2 m/s):

8 m

Energy consumption at 250m³/h:

28 W - 403 J/m³

Electric reheater (option):

400 W

Water reheater (option):

340 W

Duct connection:

2 x Ø 160

Heat exchanger:

Counter flow (Al)

Color (standard):

RAL 9010

Condensate drain:

Ø16 x Ø20 mm

Condensate drain with pump:

Ø6 x Ø8 mm