TX 3100A

Get a better indoor climate in a simple way

TX 3100 is mounted on the roof with only one lead-in and without connection of any further pipes. The high-capacity and rotating heat exchanger recovers the heat from the extraction air, which is transferred to the injection air. This provides a comfortable air change. The exchanger is equipped with blow-down sector, which prevents contaminated air from coming back into the room.

The injection system utilizes the coanda effect. The 360° injection system gives an optimal distribution into the room and uses the hot air gathered under the roof, and by that utilizes the energy that otherwise would not be used.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions L x B

3393x1300 mm

Pipe diameter in the lead:

870 mm


1400-3000 m³/h

Temperatur efficiency:

74 %

Filter (standard):



224 kg

Electric power connection:

1 ~ 230 V / 50Hz

Effect (fans):

Max. 2 x 750 W

Energy consumption:

1044 W -1250 J/m³

Sound level:

46-60 db(A)

Electric heater (option):

6 kW




TOYOTA A/S in Denmark use  TX 3100A as ventilation.

ENTREPRENEUR BUSINESS in Finland has chosen TX 3100A - decentralized ventilation. 

STEEL BUSINESS, SWEDEN, has  selected the TX 3100A as ventilation.

SPORTS CENTER Decentralised ventilation is very popular in sports centers. Watch video from a sports center in Denmark ▼▼


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