Turbovex A/S


Turbovex was established in 1989. The business concept back then was that the Turbovent group, which was established in 1971 and primarily engaged in ventilation for farm works and the industry, needed another leg to lean on, i.e. single room ventilation for comfort and industry.

This has developed into a comprehensive programme consisting of systems in various sizes that basically suit every need.

Our goal

Turbovex's goal is to be a supplier of decentral ventilation in a controlled growth and with a focus on extending the co-operation with a number of dedicated and professional agents in Europe and Scandinavia.

We carry out researches and develop new ventilation systems for homes, comfort and the industry based on new thinking in terms of ventilation plants.

Our plan

We wish to stand out from the systems that are based on central ventilation, which have dominated the market in many years, and we wish to make ventilation plants an everyday commodity, so that the installation and maintenance is easy and manageable.

We wish to increase the consumer's focus on the financially attractive aspects of installing ventilation plants everywhere, where there are people.


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